Roof Replacements in West Bridgford
Our Roofing Contractors Explain How Guttering Systems Work

We all tend to ensure the interior of our properties is well maintained and our appliances are working properly. If your washing machine breaks down, for instance, the laundry piles up. If the kettle stops working, the household won’t cope. And if you can’t close a door properly because it’s warped with age, or the flooring hasn’t been fitted correctly, then you have a draught. But these are things that get sorted because you need them to work.

Externally, it’s the same. If the roof shows signs of ageing or damage following bad weather, it’s important to tackle these issues just as quickly.

That’s where our roofing contractors come in. Atlas Property Improvements specialise in rubber roofs, roof repairs, roof replacements and reroofing services across West Bridgford and the surrounding areas. As part of our extensive roofing services, we also install, repair and replace fascias, soffits and guttering systems.

How Important is Guttering?

When fitted correctly by our roofing contractors, the entire roofline system protects the bottom row of roof tiles from damage whilst allowing ventilation to keep the loft area from becoming damp. It also gives the roof a more neat and finished look.

But the guttering is, by far, the most important aspect. And, to be honest, we very rarely pay any attention to it. Situated near the top of your property, it actually protects the foundations, so it’s vital the system is maintained to prevent reroofing, roof replacements and for the following reasons:

Water Damage

If you didn’t have guttering in place, rainwater would flow directly off pitched, flat, tile or rubber roofs and flood at the bottom of properties, seeping into the walls and foundations to cause a considerable amount of damage over time. For properties with basement conversions, this would be a disaster.

Structural Support

The overall roofing system is thoroughly supported by a proper guttering installation. For older properties with existing timbers in place, rather than uPVC alternatives, water will rot the wood. Again, the guttering prevents this from happening by directing the flow of rainwater.

Remember, by guiding the water away from the roof and directly into the drainage system efficiently, your West Bridgford property is saved from potentially expensive roof repairs.

Guttering Maintenance

Falling moss or debris from the roof gathers in the guttering and will, over time, clog it up and stop the system from working effectively. You’ll notice this if rain water is spilling over the side of the guttering. If not removed, the weight of the blockages will cause the system to break apawhich will allow water to reach the walls, foundations and timbers.

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For the installation of new uPVC guttering, or roof repairs, reroofing and roof replacements of existing systems, contact us at Atlas Property Improvements. Our roofing contractors also provide a number of roofing services, including rubber roofs for our domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural clients in West Bridgford.

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