Roof Replacements
in Derby, Burton upon Trent and the Surrounding Areas

There are many explanations as to why a roof requires replacing but, whatever the reason, you can be assured that our roofing contractors at Atlas Property Improvements will carry out the job to the highest standards. Since our inception in 2015, we’ve earned a reputation as a reliable and professional company that gets the job done.

We also carry out a range of roof repairs, and are renowned throughout Derby, Burton upon Trent and the East Midlands for the rubber and tiled roofs we install for our many domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural clients.

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Does Your Roof Need Replacing?

We specialise in reroofing, with attention to detail and efficiency our main priorities. 

If you’re unsure as to whether or not you need to replace your roof, call us for advice. We’ll happily offer our guidance and expertise free of charge and provide a no-obligation estimate if necessary. 

The following guidelines may help you in the meantime:


No roof lasts forever. The majority of modern installations are designed to last a significant amount of time but, depending on the quality of the tiles or flat roofing and the workmanship, a new roof might be the answer.

Damaged Tiles

If broken pieces of tile are falling into the guttering, then the issue requires addressing immediately. This is a sign the entire roof is beginning to deteriorate. If the guttering gets blocked as a result, you risk internal water damage as well.


Leaks are major indicators that something needs to be addressed. Usually a single tile replacement, patch work or flashing repair is required, but letting the leak continue will cause internal damage to your West Bridgford property. 


From the attic space in your Derby home, can you see light shining through the roof? If so, the tiles or flat roof may have cracks, holes or tears. A properly installed roof will not permit any light to penetrate it. 


Look out for an accumulation of mould, moss or algae on the roof. Any signs that these are present may indicate your roof is rotting and requires replacement. The mould can spread into the interior if not addressed.


Sitting water on flat roofs shows poor drainage and will lead to sagging and the build up of mould if not addressed. We ensure our flat roofs are installed at an angle of just over 1° to guarantee proper drainage. 


Check both interior and exterior aspects of your roof for signs of sagging. This could indicate structural damage which will require immediate attention. Ignoring this may lead to partial collapse and major, and expensive, renovation works.

To view a selection of images relating to the extensive range of roofing services we provide for clients in West Bridgford, Derby or the surrounding areas, please click onto our gallery page.

And don’t hesitate to call us for assistance, our roofing contractors at Atlas Property Improvements are happy to help.

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