Roofing Contractors Managing Roof Replacement in Loughborough
Tips For Keeping New Roofs Healthy

Neglecting to manage roof repairs is a common mistake many homeowners make. Negligence can lead to extensive work, including reroofing and roof replacements. At Atlas Property Improvements, our roofing contractors manage seamless repairs and replacements. Once our specialists have completed a replacement, maintenance is key to preventing further damage. For flat rubber roofs and pitched roofs, our team undertakes a range of roofing services in Loughborough and the other areas we cover to keep roofs healthy. 

Here, we list a few ways for you to ensure your roof is healthy and to prevent damage:

Regular Roof Inspections

Examining your roof before and after winter is key to ensuring its health. If you are uncomfortable accessing your roof, our specialists can thoroughly and safely inspect your roof. If you decide to check it yourself, the signs you should look out for include:

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to undertake roof repairs immediately. From tile to rubber roofs, our roofing contractors manage work on various roofs. If your roof is in disrepair, we also manage roof replacements and reroofing jobs in and around Loughborough.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters is typically seen as a boring and arduous task, but it is necessary. Clean gutters mean that water can be properly dispelled and prevent issues such as leaks and water saturation. By preventing leaks, further issues such as mould and rot can also be prevented.  

When you are checking your gutters, or if you choose our specialist services, it would be beneficial to also inspect the fascias. Ensuring fascias haven’t been damaged helps keep water from entering your home.

Take Care of Trees

Tree branches can touch or rest on roofs which can cause damage. During storms, branches can swing or fall, creating a hole in roofs or knocking some shingles off. Regularly trimming trees helps minimise the risk of damage. Trimming also discourages animals from entering buildings.

Remove Debris

While fallen leaves and sticks may seem insignificant, they can encourage algae growth, damage roof tiles and trap water. You can handle this yourself or hire professionals to manage the removal of any debris carefully.

Inspect And Repair Seals, Joints, and Flashing

Leaks often occur around the seals, joints, and flashing. Gaps can make homes in and around Loughborough vulnerable to the elements. Managing smaller roof repairs early on can minimise the need for roof replacements and reroofing. By choosing the roofing contractors at Atlas Property Improvements to take care of your flat, tile, slate or rubber roofs, their lifespan can be greatly extended.

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